DomiNations surpasses 3 million downloads in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea after only one month

No signs of slowing for Nexon's strategy hit

DomiNations surpasses 3 million downloads in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea after only one month

After hitting 12 million worldwide downloads in just five months, the Big Huge Games-developed and Nexon-published strategy game DomiNations has hit another important milestone.

Only one month after its regional launch on 26 August,  DomiNations has surpassed 3 million downloads in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan alone.

It's evidently been no slouch in the monetisation department either, ranking 5th top grossing (all categories) in the Korean App Store and 8th in Taiwan.

Dominating again

In celebration, Nexon has released a Japanese-only infographic showing certain trends in data collected from players in those aforementioned territories. 

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that, of the 3 million-strong player base across Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, 46 percent are said to be from Japan - despite the fact that it's the only country of the three in which DomINations failed to place in the top grossing charts.

However, what Nexon appears to be most proud of is not merely the sheer number of downloads in a short space of time, but the fact that players in Asian markets have been very active thus far. 

The infographic reports that approximately 54 million battles have been held, 1.9 billion mercenaries in total have been called, and 160 million deer have been hunted since the regional launch.

Another interesting snippet is that most battles in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are held at 10:00pm on Mondays - not a time you'd ordinarily expect to see a spike in usage.

If you can read Japanese, the full infographic is available here. If not, you can download DomiNations from the App Store or Google Play.

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