Video: How to get coverage from the mobile games press

Putting yourself out there

Video: How to get coverage from the mobile games press

At Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015, a panel of journalists joined Steel Media's Chris James for a discussion on the best ways to get the media's attention.

He was joined by Danny Russell, former community manager for Pocket Gamer; Peter Willington, former editor of AppSpy; Eli Hodapp, editor-in-chief at Touch Arcade; and Keith Stuart, games editor for The Guardian.

Get your name out early

Willington was keen for developers to start contacting journalists as early as possible, saying "As soon as you're ready to have people look at it, and praise it, and criticise it, that's the sort of period of time I would want to see that."

Stuart, however, said that he wants "to know something about the development studio," so that he can develop a story around the game and not simply regurgitate a press release".

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