ZeptoLab hooks up with Nazara Games to culturalise Cut the Rope for India

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ZeptoLab hooks up with Nazara Games to culturalise Cut the Rope for India

Indian outfit Nazara Games has signed a multi-year deal with ZeptoLab to publish Cut the Rope throughout the Indian subcontinent.

The partnership will see Nazara working with ZeptoLab to culturalise the game, as well as dealing with the challenges of the Indian app ecosystem, such as the requirement for small file size.

Nazra hope to generate more than 50 million downloads of the modified game over the next five years.

To-date, Cut the Rope has been downloaded globally over 750 million times.

Sweet union

"At Nazara, we are excited about this partnership with Zeptolab and we are very confident that teams at Nazara and ZeptoLab will work towards giving Cut the Rope loads of local cultural association to make it the most endearing gaming brand among millions of Indians who are going to be playing mobile games in coming years," commented CEO Manish Agarwal.

"Indian market is growing fast and soon will become one of the biggest in the world. We are looking forward to giving our games and Om Nom a much bigger footprint here," added ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin.

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