KTplay launches its instant in-game community platform for western developers

SDK already boasts 150 million active users in China

KTplay launches its instant in-game community platform for western developers

Beijing firm KTplay is looking to make in-game community integration easier than ever by making its platform available to western developers.

KTplay's platform is a simple SDK that takes ten minutes to integrate and allows players to chat with one another in-game.

More than chat

This not only increases social engagement but allows developers to monitor what players are saying about their games to find actionable feedback - particularly through player polls, one of the platform's key features.

Developers can also use the platform to promote IAP sales, cross-promote their other games, and to reward active users.

In China, the platform boasts 390 million downloads, 150 million active users, and 3,000 developers. But now, KTplay CEO Spencer Liu is excited to bring the platform to the west.

“KTplay aims to solve a major pain point for developers around the world,” he said.

“Developers currently can’t touch their players; they don’t have a direct and easy way to influence player behavior because all community management activities are done far away from and outside the games themselves.

"Where are the most engaged, active and loyal players? Developers already have them, they are right inside your game.”

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