Meet Robot Gentleman, the team behind post-apocalyptic survival game 60 Seconds!

Meet Robot Gentleman, the team behind post-apocalyptic survival game 60 Seconds!

There’s a few reasons why you need to know about Polish company Robot Gentleman. Their upcoming game 60 Seconds! marks their first mobile effort as a studio, and it looks set to be a brilliant, mad dash survival adventure.

Robot Gentleman was founded in 2012 by Dominik Gotojuch, an experienced professional within the industry having worked on award winning projects such as the Fable and Witcher series’. After testing the waters with his own independent effort, Gotojuch assembled a team of other like minded industry veterans set on forging their own path, with 60 Seconds! as their nuclear launch pad.

The game’s timeframe is set between the siren sounding echoes of an incoming nuclear attack and the actual moment of impact, a different take on the post-apocalyptic survival genre which usually focuses on the aftermath and not the event itself.

Of course, this sort of out-of-the-box thinking is part of the developer’s mission statement - a statement that vows to explore more unconventional gaps in the gaming market, both in terms of gameplay, as well as story.

The game tasks the player with not only surviving the attack, but surviving after it too, which is what makes the precious 60 seconds so important. Gather and scavenge food for the shelter, rescue as many members of your family as possible and see how long you can last in the nuclear wasteland. In other words – every decision you make will play an important role in whether you survive or perish.

With 60 Seconds! fast approaching its release for iOS devices on September 22nd, Robot Gentleman look set to make a big statement with their debut title with a fresh and forward thinking approach - definitely making them ones to watch in the mobile games marketplace.


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