Trophit and Adways join forces to boost's pre-registration campaigns

More gifts equals more pre-registrations

Date Type Companies involved Size
September 16th, 2016 partnership Adways
Not disclosed
Trophit and Adways join forces to boost's pre-registration campaigns

Israeli marketing start-up Trophit has partnered with Japanese marketing firm Adways to improve the latter's platform for pre-registration campaigns.

The two firms have already conducted some tests in secret on a small number of pre-registration campaigns on the platform and was said to have results which "more than satisfy" both parties.

Trophit will supply its gift-voucher system to, allowing developers to offer multiple virtual items to players who pre-register for their games.

Get them in early

"Adways is a results-oriented company: 92% of clients have given us 5/5 campaign review score for the quality of users we have driven to them," said Adways' VP of Product Ken Asakura.

"Since using Trophit, our campaign average conversion rate has improved significantly. We are very happy to add their advanced technology to PreLaunch.Me as this will help propel the Pre-Registration model out west."

Trophit has previously proven its effectiveness in pre-registration campaigns with Gree's League of War: Mercenaries on Android, where it saw 4x higher LTVs than with players acquired organically.


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