Samsung's "improved" Galaxy Note 7 is still overheating in South Korea

Sales delayed until October 1st

Samsung's "improved" Galaxy Note 7 is still overheating in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users in South Korea are complaining that their devices have defective batteries even after replacing their old exploding models.

Distribution of the new models to South Korean customers began on September 19th. But according to The Wall Street Journal, by September 23rd customers were already reporting that their phones were overheating and losing battery power while charging.

Samsung has since delayed the resumption of Galaxy Note 7 sales in the country to October 1st while Samsung investigates the issue.

A spokesperson for the company stated that this issue is "completely unrelated to batteries" and is just a collection of isolated cases.

The company noted that 200,000 users had yet to return their defective phones.

A galaxy of issues

Samsung was expected to resume sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea on September 28th, following a recall of all devices already sold.

It has already resumed sales in the United States, where Samsung is also facing a lawsuit from a user whose device allegedly gave them second-degree burns when it exploded in their pocket.

Samsung has also pushed out an update to all the affected devices, which severely limits battery power to avoid overheating and constantly urges its user to replace their phone immediately.

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