Samsung comes under fire once again as a Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China

Not having the best month

Samsung comes under fire once again as a Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 user in China has claimed that their device has exploded from overheating despite being bought after Samsung started selling handsets with improved batteries.

The device was purchased on September 25th, and is said to have burst into flames after being left to charge overnight.

Feeling the heat

A video and photographs of the broken device and a receipt for it were provided to CNN Money. It could not verify the authenticity of the video, but claim that the photos support the users claim.

Samsung had previously said it would not be replacing devices in China because the batteries came from a different manufacturer, and therefore were not believed to be faulty.

Burning a hole in your pocket

The company has received four complaints of overheating Galaxy Note 7's in China so far, but has rebutted two of these.

Samsung also came under fire recently when supposedly "fixed" devices in South Korea were also found to be overheating or lost battery power while charging.

In the US, the company is facing a lawsuit from a user who's phone exploded in their pocket, causing second-degree burns to their leg.


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