Nintendo preparing to ship more Switch consoles should demand exceed initial 2 million units

Says it will not be selling them at a loss

Nintendo preparing to ship more Switch consoles should demand exceed initial 2 million units

Nintendo has revealed that it is preparing to meet increased demand for its Switch console despite saying it will only ship 2 million units in the first month of sale.

In a Q&A following the company's recent financials release, President Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the 2 million forecast had been decided on when the company announced its annual financial forecast for the year.

He also claimed that the shipping forecast had taken into account the fact that the Switch can only ship for one month of the current fiscal year.

However, Kimishima also said that "we have been preparing for a possible increase in demand as a result of the presentation and the hands-on experiences next January."

Pricing and demographics

Speaking more generally about the new console, Kimishima confirmed that it would be able to link with smart devices using the My Nintendo service.

He also stated that Nintendo was still targeting a wide audience with its new console. Concerns had been raised that the reveal video showing adults and teens playing core games like Skyrim meant that the company was shifting away from its typical family-friendly demographic.

While Kimishima would not reveal specifics regarding the price of the console, he did say that "we are, in principle, not planning to sell it at a loss."

He also touched on third-party support for the console, saying that "many third-party publishers, some of whom we have introduced in the presentation today, have shown their willingness to actively support this system."


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