Chinese mobile games developer ShineZone raises $58 million

May acquire new studios overseas

Date Type Companies involved Size
February 20th, 2017 investment ShineZone Network $58m
Chinese mobile games developer ShineZone raises $58 million

Chinese mobile games developer SineZhone has raised $58 million in a Series B funding round.

ShineZone aims to use the funding to acquire and set up new offices overseas, grow its incubator programme and expand its global distribution network.

The investment comes from China Fortune Securities, Bank of Ningbo, Shanshan Venture Capital, Jiuyou Fund, Nord Engine Asset Management Group and Hi-Tech Venture Capital Group.

Global expansion

According to the China Money Network, the company is considering an IPO in future as it continues to grow. It expects to bring in $29 million in profit this year.

Shinzezone has worked on a number of games for browser and mobile, including Flower Shop, Royal Chef, Viking Age, FlowerVille and Defense of Legends.

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