Cheetah Mobile rebrands Cheetah Ad Platform as Cheetah Ads

Sleek and simple

Cheetah Mobile rebrands Cheetah Ad Platform as Cheetah Ads

China-based Cheetah mobile has rebranded its Cheetah Ad Platform to the simpler brand of Cheetah Ads.

The move comes as it consolidates its business under one brand. Cheetah Mobile currently has over 612 million monthly active users for its apps which will have easier access to the ads.

Intelligent targeting

Cheetah Ads uses Cheetah Mobile's artificial intelligence expertise to help brands reach the right audience without the need for intervention from developers.

"Cheetah Ads intelligently targets vertical video ads across the entire mobile journey," said Scarlett Xiao, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development at Cheetah Mobile.

"Our technology has the power to transform ads into useful and desirable experiences to the delight of both users and brand advertisers."


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