Apple's iPhone 7 devices make up 10% of all iOS devices in China

Newzoo has some new info on the mobile market

Apple's iPhone 7 devices make up 10% of all iOS devices in China

Over 10% of iOS devices active in China in January 2017 were in the iPhone 7 family of devices, according to Newzoo.

The data firm has released its latest China Mobile Market Update, which uses data from January 2017 to give a view of the market in China.

The report found that Android still dominates the market, making up 70.9% of all smartphones active in China. iOS devices experienced a very small growth of 0.3% month-on-month to 29.1%.

Still on top

In terms of games, Tencent and Netease still top the grossing charts for the country. The former's King of Glory and the latter's Onmyoji and Fantasy Westward Journey were the top grossing games on both iOS and Android in China for January.

No new titles appeared in the Android charts, which stayed largely the same as they had been in December 2016. The iOS charts saw some changes with new additions in the form of Tencent's Cross Fire and WeFly.

China's market is known for being difficult to enter for developers not local to the country. It's now become impossible for South Korea-based developers, as games made there are being banned from release in China.


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