Apple to begin manufacturing iPhone 6s in India

iPhone SEs will join them in three months

Apple to begin manufacturing iPhone 6s in India

Apple is gearing up to start producing smartphones in India in the next four to six weeks.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Taiwan-based contract manufacturer Wistron will start manufacturing iPhone 6 and 6Ss in its Bangalore plant soon. It will then begin production of the iPhone SE in about three months.

The inclusion of the iPhone SE is particularly interesting given its status as the cheapest recent iPhone. While its current price may be too high for some in India, the Business Standard suggests that producing it locally could reduce prices by $100.

Ongoing negotiations

Reports of Apple's production plans in India were last seen in February 2017. It was suggested at the time that production could begin by late April.

Apple has been in talks with the Indian government since at least December 2016 regarding manufacturing in the country. It sought a number of financial incentives to do so, though further reports suggest these have been refused.


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