Mobile gamers in South Korea spend 46 minutes a day playing games

Lineage 2: Revolution remains king of the market

Mobile gamers in South Korea spend 46 minutes a day playing games

Mobile gamers in South Korea spend an average of 46 minutes a day playing games on an average of 2.26 games a day, according to Wiseapp.

As reported by Yonhap News, the industry tracker conducted a survey on 25,000 Android users in South Korea. It is estimated that 80% of all smartphone users in the country use Android devices.

The survey found that mobile users played games on average 10.2 times a day in March 2017. This roughly equates to around four and a half minutes per session.

Lineage still rules

The most popular game for these players was Netmarble's Lineage 2: Revolution. Supercell's Clash Royale came second, while Niantic's Pokemon GO ranked third.

Lineage 2: Revolution has had an exceptional launch in South Korea since it first landed in December 2016. It was the top grossing mobile game worldwide in February 2017 despite having only launched in one country.

Pokemon GO was only released in South Korea in January 2017. Its popularity in the country has likely been helped by a deal with SK Telecom to give players on the network free data for the game until June 2017.


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