Analytics firm Adjust expands mobile measurements platform into China

Down from a 2.67 second delay to just 1.01 seconds

Analytics firm Adjust expands mobile measurements platform into China

Berlin-based mobile analytics firm Adjust has expanded its services into China so that Western companies can monetise more effectively in the market.

The expansion means that developers can now get past the "Great Firewall of China" that can drastically slow the load times of ads in the region. Conversion data from the apps is often lost too, resulting in a poor user experience.

Adjust will now bypass that entirely with its local infrastructure. It has managed to reduce ad loading times from 2.67 seconds to 1.01 seconds, an improvement of 163%.

A black box

"Until now, China has been a black box for app marketers to measure the results of acquisition campaigns and reinvest into high yielding audiences, and yet, the market is massive with over 600 million smartphone users today and growing by 50 million users annually," said Adjust CEO Christian Henschel.

"We anticipate that tapping into this market now will make a huge impact for companies looking to grow in Asia."

Berlin-based marketers are pushing hard into mainland China at the moment. MobAir opened a new Shanghai office in April 2017, while ad2games also opened an office in March 2017.


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