Netmarble share prices fall 8.3% from its IPO price despite $610 million revenues in Q1

Financial results apparently weren't good enough

Netmarble share prices fall 8.3% from its IPO price despite $610 million revenues in Q1

Netmarble's share price has tumbled by 8.3% from its IPO price after investors were apparently underwhelmed by the company's Q1 FY17 financials.

The company had closed its IPO on May 12th with share prices at $144, making it the second-biggest IPO in South Korea's history. It valued the company at $12.2 billion overall.

However, as The Korea Herald reports, its latest financials were said to have fallen short of expectations that were heightened by its IPO.

This is despite posting impressive revenues of $609.9 million for the quarter, up 111% year-on-year, and profits of $102.5 million, up 172% year-on-year.

Down but not out

Share prices fell to $128 on May 17th, a decrease of 8.3% from its IPO price. This is also a 7.7% decrease from the previous session.

Aside from the company's financials, it has been suggested that NCSoft's announcement of Lineage M impacted share figures. The game will directly rival Netmarble's own successful Lineage title, Lineage 2 Revolution.

This fall could just be a small blip for Netmarble, however. Lineage 2 Revolution has proven to be wildly successful in its home country, and the publisher is preparing to launch the title around the world in the coming months, along with other games from the company.


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