Tencent turns to Strike of Kings players to provide a new name for the game

Don't mention leagues, legends, or glory

Tencent turns to Strike of Kings players to provide a new name for the game

Tencent has turned to players of its soft-launched MOBA Strike of Kings to help come up with a new name for the game before it fully launches in the West.

A survey has been added to the game which offers players a range of options that the developer is currently shopping. A separate text box is also available for players' own suggestions, with the promise that if one is chosen, the player will receive a plentiful in-game reward.

Names offered up by Tencent in its survey include Battlegrounds, Aeon of Heroes, Battle Squad, Valley of Victory, Heroes Origin, Penta Storm and Arena of Champions.

It seems to also be pushing a Heroes-themed title, with a long list of potential names:

  • Triumph of Heroes
  • Vow of Heroes
  • Circle of Heroes
  • Universe of Heroes
  • Valley of Heroes
  • Oath of Heroes
  • Heroes of Athanor

A rose by any other name

One noteworthy title included in the survey is Penta Storm, a name already used for Strike of Kings in its Korean release.

The MOBA goes by several  other official names around the world, including Honor of Kings and Realm of Valor, and has previously been titled King of Glory.

Notable omissions in the survey include any mention of "legends" or "leagues", probably due to the fact Tencent owns League of Legends developer Riot Games and does not want to confuse the PC title's players.

It is also steering clear of "glory", most likely to avoid confusion with fellow mobile MOBA Vainglory from Super Evil Megacorp.

Whatever the game ends up called, it will likely be a huge hit for Tencent. The game has already surpassed 50 million DAUs in China, and has quickly become one of the key drivers of revenue for the publisher.


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