Lineage 2 Revolution trading system shut down

Publisher in hot water over real money trading system

Lineage 2 Revolution trading system shut down

Lineage 2 Revolution submitted an updated version of the game to the rating committee last week.

The game was originally rated Teen, but the committee changed it to Mature because of item trading system among users.

When a user purchases an in-game item from other players, they need to pay in Blue Diamonds, which can be purchased with real money. The committee worried that it could encourage a gambling spirit amongst young people.


Netmarble has now created a new in-game money called Green Diamonds to replace Blue Diamonds. The Green Diamond is not purchasable with real money, but instead can be earned as a reward while playing the game.

"The committee pointed out that the previous in-game item trading system mimics the cash-Item trading website," said a source from Netmarble.

"So we've changed the system. But, since the committee has not given any feedback on the changes, we need to wait and can’t confirm anything right now.”

It takes about two to four weeks for the committee to decide to rate a game.

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