The Big Indie Pitch heads to Shanghai for ChinaJoy on July 28th 2017

Indie dev event arrives in China in order to shed some light on one of the most unexplored mobile markets in the world

The Big Indie Pitch heads to Shanghai for ChinaJoy on July 28th 2017

Despite being one of the most lucrative mobile games sectors in the entire world, China is still a largely unexplored market for Western audiences. So, what better way to shed some light on it than the Big Indie Pitch.

Yes, that's right, we're heading to Shanghai this July for one of the biggest celebrations you'l find in all of gaming, ChinaJoy, and we're bringing the Big Indie Pitch with us.

So make sure to mark your calendars for Friday July 28th, as we'll be hosting the Big Indie Pitch in Shanghai, and in the process we'll be showcasing all of the hidden indie talents from not only China, but the whole entire world.

Oh and if that wasn't good enough, China's largest mobile games publisher iDreamSky will not only be sponsorting the event, they'll also be judging, making this a great chance to get your game in front of not only one of China's most influential publishers, but also a range of other expects.

It's pitching time

Never heard of the Big Indie Pitch before? Well it couln't be simpler - developers are given four minutes with each table of expert judges, and after the four minutes are up, the developers move onto the next table and pitch their game again. Once all developers have piched to all tables, we gather all of the judges up in order to collect the feedback, and of course, select the winners.

The judges are made up of various experts from all fields of the gaming world, including publishers, investors, journalists, developers and other industry experts.

The Big Indie Pitch not only provides developers with a way to get their games games in front of various industry experts, but also includes the opportunity to receive immediate feedback, as well as the chance to win a range of prizes.

Prizes include winning a share of a $5,000 promotional package that can be used across all of Steel Media’s websites, including Pocket Gamer, AppSpy and PocketGamer.Biz.

Interested, but not sure if you qualify? Then maybe this will help:

  • You can pitch games for mobile, handheld, mobile VR and even for smartwatches.
  • You can pitch your game even if you've pitched it at a previous BIP.
  • We prefer to see unreleased games, though we're happy to see games that are out too.
  • Your game doesn’t have to be completed, as we welcome games in development.
  • One submission only per developer/team.
  • Deadline for entries is midnight July 26th 2017 (entry details below).

Interested in joining us then? Well if so, simply head over to our event page and register all of your details for the Big Indie Pitch @ ChinaJoy 2017 with iDreamsky. We’ll then let you know if you've been shortlisted and what to expect next.

Finally, do you think you've got what it takes to judge these great indie games? If so then email Simon at for details.

You can also grab tickets to our Big Indie Drinks event which will follow the pitch over on the event page too.

The Big Indie Drinks will kick off as soon as the pitch finishes, and it's a great chance to network with fellow indie developers as well as members of the wider games industry. So even if you can’t make the pitch, there will still be an opportunity to grab a drink and chat about all the latest industry news and announcements.

So whether it’s to pitch or to network, see you at the Big Indie Pitch @ ChinaJoy!

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