Tencent says Honor of Kings gameplay restrictions won’t impact bottom line

Under 12s make up just a small proportion of paying user base

Tencent says Honor of Kings gameplay restrictions won’t impact bottom line

The restrictions imposed on the time young users can play Honor of Kingswon’t affect Tencent’s overall financial results, a spokesperson for the company has claimed.

Following complaints by parents and teachers in China that children were playing the hit MOBA game too much, Tencent implemented limits on gameplay time.

Kids under 12 can now only play the title for one hour a day and not after 9pm, while those aged 12 to 18 are restricted to two hours a day. Users who do not provide real-name information will be treated as below the age of 12.

Limiting revenue?

After announcing the restrictions shares in Tencent fell 4% this week, taking off $12 billion from the company’s market value.

While this is unlikely to have been solely down to Honor of Kings given the amount of businesses Tencent is involved in, the move may have played a part in the drop. By Wednesday stock was up more than 1%.

A Tencent spokesperson has told Reuters that the new limits are unlikely to impact its overall financial results.

"(Those) under 12 years old constitute a small proportion of our total user base and a smaller percentage of our paying user base,” said a spokesperson.

“We do not expect these measures will have a material impact on our overall financial results.”

No mention was made of users between 12 and 18.

Honor of Kings is one of China’s most popular games, reaching a peak of 55 million daily active users.

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