Netmarble scores top five grossing ranks in 77 countries with just two games

Marvel Contest of Champions and Lineage 2 Revolution take over the world

Netmarble scores top five grossing ranks in 77 countries with just two games

South Korean mobile game developer and publisher Netmarble currently has at least one game in the top five grossing charts in 77 countries around the world.

The company achieved this milestone with just two of its games, Marvel Contest of Champions and Lineage 2 Revolution. Contest of Champions scored top five spots in 70 countries, while Lineage 2 Revolution is a top five game in 7 countries in Asia.

Netmarble has pointed to an in-game event for Marvel Contest of Champions tied in with the launch of the film Spider-Man: Homecoming as the reason for its success. Lineage 2 Revolution is simply performing well on its own merit.

On top of the world

"Our players are increasingly enjoying our games with Marvel Contest of Champions stealing the hearts of the fans in the West and Lineage 2 Revolution becoming one of the top games in Asia," said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer of Netmarble Games.

"Lineage 2 Revolution is also set to release in Japan in 3Q and in the U.S. in 4Q, which will help our global performance."

Lineage 2 Revolution has seen enormous success since first launching, despite being released in a limited number of countries so far. However, Lineage brand owner NCSoft has now launched rival mobile game Lineage M, which is seeing a similar level of success in South Korea.

Marvel Contest of Champions stumbled slightly earlier in the year when an update caused a number of high-profile players to boycott the game. The boycott did not have any lasting effect on the game's grossing rank.


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