Nintendo sales hit $1.38 billion as its Switch console surpasses 4.7 million units shipped

Mobile games generate $80.5 million for Q1

Nintendo sales hit $1.38 billion as its Switch console surpasses 4.7 million units shipped

Nintendo has released its financials for its Q1 FY18 for the three months ending June 30th 2017.

It posted net sales of $1.38 billion for the quarter, up 148.6% year-on-year. Profits for the quarter came to $190.1 million, up from a loss of $219.4 million in Q1 FY17.

Income from its mobile games, which is lumped in with its IP-related sales, came to $80.5 million for the quarter. This is up 450% year-on-year, though at this point last year Nintendo had only launched its long-forgotten social app Miitomo.

Flick the Switch

As for its Switch console, Nintendo stated it had sold 1.97 million units during the period, with overall hardware and software sales generating $928.5 million for the quarter.

The Switch has now sold 4.7 million units in its lifetime, while its top-performing game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has sold 3.92 million units. This represents an attachment rate of around 83% for the flagship game.

Nintendo previously stated that it expects to sell 10 million units of its Switch console by the end of its FY18. SuperData Research claimed it would only sell 5 million units in its first year, a figure it is expected to surpass following the launch of a console bundle with new game Splatoon 2.

As for its mobile games, Nintendo stuck to its usual line about maintaining its current releases and planning to launch new games in the future. There is still no news about its upcoming Animal Crossing mobile adaptation.

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