Blockchain-powered mobile game store GPlay gets Unity support

Marketplace claims to offer 90% revenue share split with developers

Blockchain-powered mobile game store GPlay gets Unity support

Blockchain company GameCredits has signed a deal with technology firm Unity to allow developers to publish games on its mobile app store GPlay.

GameCredits has been developing a suite of blockchain products for the games industry under the GPlay initiative. Through this scheme, the company said it can help give better returns to game developers than existing app store.

New business model

To that end GPlay said it will share 90% of gross revenue with developers, as opposed to the standard 70% on Google Play and the App Store. It also claimed it will pay creators with 60 hours of a sale.

“With GameCredits, we intend to bring about a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Blockchain solutions will help disintermediate game publishing and give better returns to creators," said Unity Asia Pacific President Hubert Larenaudie.

GameCredits plans to provide developers with more details on its GPlay platform to Unity developers at Unite conferences in Melbourne, Singapore and India over the next few weeks.

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