Animoca Brands working on blockchain-based MasterChef mobile game

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February 1st, 2018 license Animoca Brands
iCandy Interactive
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Animoca Brands working on blockchain-based MasterChef mobile game

Following the news it’s bringing cryptocurrency gaming’s poster child CryptoKitties to China, Hong Kong outfit Aminoca Brands has revealed another blockchain-based game.

In a complex business relationship, it’s got the licence to make up to five mobile product based on the MasterChef brand and it will fund 50 per cent of the first game’s development and operations.

Torulf Jernstrom, the CEO of Finnish developer Tribeflame (and one-time columnist) will be the game’s head designer.

As for the remaining costs, they will be split between Singapore publisher iCandy and blockchain gaming tech company Nitro Interactive.

In this way, the game will be among the first titles to accept Nitro’s NOX cryptocurrency, which completed its first ICO round at the end of 2017. Previously, iCandy had announced it would be supporting NOX in some of its forthcoming games.

Indeed, as part of its development process NOX holders will be able to vote on their favourite ideas for the game via the Nitro platform.

Closer union

The deal further cements the close ties between the three companies.

Animoca recently sold iCandy over 300 of its mobile games, gaining cash and 25 million iCandy shares in the process. Meanwhile iCandy chairman Kin-Wai Lau is also a director in Nitro Interactive.

“Nitro’s novel blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions represent the next evolution in games development and we’re looking forward to working together,” said Animoca CEO Robby Yung.

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