Google puts up 15,000 online scholarships for new and experienced African developers

10,000 of the scholarships will go to beginners while 5,000 will go to those with over one-year of experience

Google puts up 15,000 online scholarships for new and experienced African developers

Google has put up 15,000 online scholarships for developers in Africa that cover a range of participants from beginner level to experienced.

The Africa Web and Android Scholarship programme was created in partnership with educational organisation Udacity and training software developer Andela. It aims to offer free access to a two-month long single course on Udacity’s educational online platform.

Google will offer 10,000 scholarships to beginners with little to no experience, while an additional 5,000 will be given to developers with at least one year of programming experience.

Courses on offer will vary from beginner Android courses and introductions to HTML to more complicated web application course. However, the classes will be offered solely in English.

A further 500 spots on a six-month long nano-degree in Android or web development will also be provided to those who complete the first programme.

Level up

In addition to the online training segment hosted through Udacity, the Andela Learning Community in Nigeria and Kenya will offer participants mentorship, face-to-face meetups and online communities to participate in.

The scheme comes is part of Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s pledge to help educate 10 million Africans in digital skills and provide 100,000 Africans with mobile developer training.

Those interested in taking part in the programme have until April 24th to apply.

Head to the Udacity website for more information.

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