Nexon removes LEGO Quest and Collect from iOS and Google Play stores

The title had been in soft launch since June 7th 2017

Nexon removes LEGO Quest and Collect from iOS and Google Play stores

Japanese games developer Nexon has taken its RPG game LEGO Quest & Collect off of the iOS and Google Play stores.

The decision was initially announced November 15th 2017 on the game’s official Facebook page with in-app purchases ceasing the next day.

LEGO Quest and Collect originally soft-launched in the Philippines and Singapore June 7th 2017 before receiving an Asia-wide release in August where it mustered one million downloads in two weeks.

Building blocks

Gameplay centred on building up a squad of Minifigs and taking them into battle against various enemies. The spoils of those victories were usable in customising and upgrading characters as the player saw fit.

A player-versus-player (PVP) function was also available through online battles along with a daily dungeon to grind out even better bricks for your collection.

Nexon’s Lego title also featured an array of brands from the canon such as Ninjago, Lego City, Lego Pirates and more.

We have reached out to Nexon for comment on the game’s cancellation.

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