Gumi’s The Alchemist Code racks up five million downloads worldwide

The Japanese mobile games developer is celebrating with special in-game events

Gumi’s The Alchemist Code racks up five million downloads worldwide

Gumi’s free-to-play RPG strategy game The Alchemist Code has racked up five million downloads worldwide.

The title was launched in Japan in January 2016 and released globally in November 2017.

To celebrate the milestone the Japanese mobile games developer is hosting a month-long series of in-game events from May 3rd to May 30th.

Cracking the code

As part of the event Gumi will introduce a new coin, aptly named the five million downloads worldwide coin, which players will receive as part of a gift box that will be made available each day upon login.

These coins can be used to purchase specific gear and items sold at the event-exclusive coin exchange shop.

Other login bonuses for the month include a total of 2,000 gems, five-star Alkemono mascots and celebration apples. Gumi is also increasing the number of Rare Unit summons, as well as hosting a special event on May 17th featuring a new unique character.

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