Three out of 10 apps uninstalled after 30 days

But games one of the least likely to be deleted, according to Appsflyer report

Three out of 10 apps uninstalled after 30 days

Almost three out of 10 apps will end up being uninstalled within just 30 days of a user downloading them, according to a new report.

Mobile analytics firm Appsflyer tracked data from 110 million installs across more than 1,000 apps in April 2018.

Regional differences

It found that the overall app uninstall rate after 30 days was 28 per cent. Countries including Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines and India had the highest uninstall rates.

The lowest meanwhile came from the US, France, Germany and the UK.

Appsflyer claimed the differences could be due to the average storage size on a mobile device in developing countries is smaller, leading to more uninstalls to make room for new apps.

Games had one of the lowest uninstall rates at 26.2 per cent after 30 days. It was only beaten by financial apps at 24.1 per cent.

The highest uninstall apps were found in entertainment, travel and productivity apps.

Appsflyer’s report added that most uninstalls came on day one or within week one. After that, the uninstall curve rate flattens, as you can see below.

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