Square Enix wants players to put on their fantasy shoes in Dragon Quest Walk

The latest entry in the RPG series is Square Enix’s take on Pokemon Go

Square Enix wants players to put on their fantasy shoes in Dragon Quest Walk

Square Enix is taking on AR location games with Dragon Quest Walk.

Following a series of hints for a new mobile Dragon Quest game, Square Enix has revealed a new location-based series entry. Dragon Quest Walk looks to transplant the series’ more traditional roleplaying features over the real world, in a similar manner to Pokemon Go.

Like Niantic’s hit, there will be monsters and locations littered around the world, though Walk also promises more conventional features like characters to talk to, a story that plays out, and a number of customisation features for player housing.

Quest accepted

With development handled by Colopl, Dragon Quest Walk is set for release later this year with a closed beta starting June 11th.

This testing period is seemingly exclusive to Japanese players and will take in 20,000 users split evenly between Android and iOS.

There's currently no information known on whether Dragon Quest Walk will make it outside of Japan. Pokemon Go may have grossed over $2.5 billion worldwide so far, Dragon Quest hasn't had quite the cultural impact outside its home region.

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