East Meets West: Nexon price scares off buyers, and gaming firms rally against new US-China tariffs

Keeping up with the news from the world's most influential games market

East Meets West: Nexon price scares off buyers, and gaming firms rally against new US-China tariffs

The Asia market has become the most lucrative and influential region in the global mobile games industry.

Companies in countries such as Japan, South Korea and China are highly successful at home and are increasingly expanding around the world through global game releases, international partnerships and M&A. These markets also offer lucrative opportunities for Western publishers.

To give you a deeper insight into this key region, each week we’re rounding up all the news from and around the web. Don't forget to keep up with the news throughout the week on the Asia section of our site.

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Report: South Korea's Nexon no longer up for sale following lack of buyers

The high cost of a substantial stake in Nexon is said to be too much for current interested buyers, according to a report.

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony unite against US tariffs on consoles

The three gaming giants are the latest, following Apple and a string of US companies, to rally against new tariffs on China by the Trump administration.

Pokemon Masters launches on mobile this summer

The Pokemon Company has teamed with DeNA for mobile game Pokemon Masters, sett for a summer release.

India's Reliance Entertainment reduces ownership to 14.2 per cent of Codemasters

When the British development icon did its initial public offering on June 1st, 2018, the Indian firm owned 28.5 per cent of the company. Today that figure stands at just 14.2 per cent after the firm sold off 14.3 per cent of Codemasters shares on Friday, June 21st.

Gumi Cryptos acquires $1.67 million worth of shares in Double Jump.Tokyo

In acquiring a stake in the dev team, Gumi Cryptos aims to support Double Jump in the expansion of its business.

Jordanian publisher Tamatem working with NokNok studio to bring I Love Mart to MENA region

The game will be localised into Arabic and be renamed to Bandar’s Farm to help the title become more culturally relevant.

Who will you do business with at Pocket Gamer and Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong 2019? 

500 companies will be represented at the conference. You can expect to meet developers, investors, big studios, publishers and global megabrands all the way to lone developers and students, plus press.

Oasis Games developing One Punch Man title for iOS and Android

One Punch Man: Road to Hero is the first officially authorised game for Western countries based off of the Japanese superhero.

Israel becomes home to Nintendo’s second official store

The outlet held its grand opening yesterday (Monday, June 24th) at the city's Dizengoff Center shopping mall.

Twitchy Finger founder and CEO Edward Li on future opportunities for developers

Ahead of his panel appearance at PGC Hong Kong, we spoke with Twitchy Finger founder and CEO Edward Li  about his company and new monetisation models.

Superera VP Joe Tang on designing and creating a successful idle game

Ahead of his PGC Hong Kong talk on designing and creating a successful idle game, Superera VP of publishing Joe Tang tells us why he thinks this is the "best age for video games".

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung on the importance of NFTs

PGC Hong Kong speaker, Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung, gives talks up the blockchain ahead of his appearance at the show.

Weekly global mobile games charts: Candy Crush Saga shoots down PUBG Mobile’s chances of topping gross ranking in the US

Tencent's Legend of Swordman 3 entered the free downloads charts at first position. Shanghai Xing Yu’s Glory of Cepheus and NetEase’s Teal Glass also made it into the top 10 at fifth and seventh respectively.

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