Tencent and Nintendo reveal plans to localise Switch games in China

The companies appeared at a conference together in Shanghai

Tencent and Nintendo reveal plans to localise Switch games in China

Chinese tech giant Tencent and Nintendo have partnered up to localise Switch titles for China.

According to Reuters, the two companies revealed through a joint Weibo account details on the localisation of the Japanese firm’s games. Plans to set up Nintendo's online services using Tencent's cloud services were also discussed.

A WeChat payment option is being offered by Tencent, in addition to providing help in setting up offline purchase channels.

Gathering approval

No details were given on what games will be released in China. However, with the country's in-depth approval system, not all Switch games are likely to be provided with a license to be monetised there.

A partnership between Tencent and Nintendo was first revealed in April after the Chinese publishing giant earned approval to distribute the Switch in the country. The console however is not expected to launch in China before March 2020.

No details have been revealed on how much the console is going to cost.

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