Blizzard sues Chinese developer Sina Games over World of Warcraft ‘clone’

Glorious Saga was shut down on August 29th for "irresistible reasons" following the lawsuit filing

Blizzard sues Chinese developer Sina Games over World of Warcraft ‘clone’

Blizzard is suing Chinese mobile game company Sina Games for copyright infringement.

According to Polygon, the Overwatch creator the lawsuit claimed that Sina's free-to-play title Glorious Saga is mostly copied from World of Warcraft.

The developer has made several complaints in the suit such as the use of Warcraft character names like Gul’dan, Malfurion and Jaina Proudmoore.

Lawyers representing Blizzard also pointed out similarities between the mobile icon for Glorious Saga and WoW’s Battle of Azeroth expansion cover.

As a result, it’s asking for $150,000 for each piece of infringed work on top of attorney’s fees.

“Every monster, creature, animal, and vehicle in the Infringing Game was copied from the Warcraft games,” the lawsuit alleged.

“Weapons, amulets, and other objects were taken straight from the Warcraft games, without pretence. Audio cues and sound effects from the Warcraft games were reproduced for the Infringing Game.”

Closing Glorious Saga

Glorious Saga was available in various countries worldwide. In the US the title was available on Android devices with the name Glorious World. However, it was listed under a different developer despite the fact its screenshots showed Glorious Saga as the title.

Following the lawsuit filing, as of August 29th Glorious Saga has been closed down. A statement was released on the game’s Facebook page confirming the closure of the title’s server.

Sina Games said “irresistible reasons” were behind the shutdown, though it's not clear what that means. No direct mention of the lawsuit was made.

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