Shigeru Miyamoto talks working with Apple, Pokemon GO and why the Switch was helped by smartphones

Quotes taken from Japanese magazine Famitsu

Shigeru Miyamoto talks working with Apple, Pokemon GO and why the Switch was helped by smartphones

Nintendo veteran games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has been speaking about working with Apple as a company and the positive experience he came away with.

As reported in Famitsu (via Siliconera), the industry legend was quoted as saying: "I like Apple. They do a good job of setting limitations while respecting user-friendliness for the customers."

Miyamoto went on to state (via Oni Dino) how "the Switch released with good timing in this age where people are walking around and using devices like smartphones. And yet, they get loaded up with a lot of data. So for this reason, we thought it should be relatively easy for a single console with a single technological architecture to succeed, given the situation."

"For mobile [gaming], there are many different hardware versions that all have to be accounted for, so you don't know what else is going to come along with it all," he continued.

Super Mario Run

This was one of a number of topics discussed in the Japanese magazine, as well as his recent fondness for Niantic's worldwide catch 'em all, Pokemon GO, and surveillance on Super Mario Run.

"I've been keeping a close eye on Super Mario Run. Nobody else can decide just how far we can take Mario on mobile," said Miyamoto.

Super Mario Run generated $30.85 million in its first launch month back in December 2016 but failed to keep up the momentum, only crossing the $60 million mark by July 2018.

Interestingly in August of that same year, Miyamoto admitted that mistakes were made on Super Mario Run during a talk at CEDEC 2018.

Last November, Shigeru Miyamoto was awarded the "Person of Cultural Merit" by the Japanese government.

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