Nintendo claims that a further 140,000 accounts may have been breached earlier this year

160,000 accounts were hacked in March

Nintendo claims that a further 140,000 accounts may have been breached earlier this year

Nintendo has claimed that a further 140,000 user accounts may have been accessed as part of the hacks that occurred earlier this year.

As revealed in an update – via VGC – the initial 160,000 that are believed to have been impacted is actually in the region of 300,000.

After the investigation, the Japanese firm claimed that not even one per cent of accounts breached had been used to make purchases. But, for those who were, Nintendo is arranging refunds.

Last month, it was revealed that the games giant had filed two lawsuits against a group of hackers. It is believed that they are selling software to allow pirated games to be played on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo had won an injunction against a Californian man – Sergio Moreno – to prevent him from selling unauthorised products.


As reported by Computer Weekly in March, research has indicated that criminals are now using the internet to both steal and sell the credentials of those who hold accounts with companies such as Nintendo.

"Streaming services have skyrocketed in popularity and demand, which makes these consumer accounts increasingly attractive to attackers," said Proofpoint international cybersecurity strategist Adenike Cosgrove.

"As people around the world are being asked to remain in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are turning to these streaming services for entertainment. Attackers will likely follow this pattern and increase their theft and selling of account credentials."

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