Pokemon Smile, Pokemon Café Mix and Pokemon Snap sequel debut in digital event

Pokemon Smile, Pokemon Café Mix and Pokemon Snap sequel debut in digital event

The Pokemon Company hosted a digital presentation today with numerous new game announcements for smartphone devices and Nintendo Switch.

The 11-minute showcase was hosted by Pokemon Company president and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, which kicked off with a look at a new mobile game, Pokemon Smile. The new AR app utilities player's cameras to observe brushing teeth skills before challenging them to defeat cavities and catch Pokemon as a reward.

Designed for both kids and adults, over 100 Pokemon can be caught in-game, with parents able to track children's brushing schedule. Additionally, players can wear AR headsets of Pokemon they have caught.

Pokemon Smile is available to download on iOS and Android devices today.

Pokemon Café Mix

Following this, a new free-to-start mobile title under the name of Pokemon Café Mix was unveiled. The puzzle game looks to take inspiration from Disney Tsum Tsum and sees users linking together Pokemon icons to clear puzzles and build their own cafe.

Pokemon can then be recruited to help out at the location, with all Pokemon staff members possessing a Cafe Skill that can be used to benefit the player during the main gameplay. The game has been confirmed to feature microtransactions too.

Pokemon Café Mix launches on June 23rd on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Snap and we're back

Unexpectedly, a new Pokemon Snap next made its debut. This is the first sequel in the series since the original game released on the Nintendo 64 in 1999.

In the original game, players controlled photographer Todd Snap as he ventured across different islands and lands to get the best photos of Pokemon. The new game looks to build heavily off that with dozens of new Pokemon from different generations.

Pokemon Snap will launch on the Nintendo Switch, however no release date outside of "coming soon" was detailed.

Mega Evolutions

Pokemon GO then received a small segment on the current remote raiding system in place and upcoming digital Pokemon GO Fest, due to take place from July 25th to 26th.

A trailer teasing Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO then premiered, which allows a number of Pokemon to evolve to an ultimate form during battle. The rollout of the Mega Evolution feature is scheduled for some time in 2020.

Closing out the main show, Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC The Isle of Armor was shown off once more ahead of its launch later today. A new Max Raid Battle will challenge one million Trainers to defeat Zeraora, with a shiny alternative of the Pokemon available if the goal is met.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass can be purchased for £26.99 ($30) each and can be played now. 

To cap it off, Ishihara teased another big project that is in development but would reveal more in another Pokemon Presents that is due to take place next week on June 25th.

One game that was missing in action once more was Pokemon Sleep. The sleep monitoring mobile title was revealed over a year ago and we've heard nothing since, prompting many to wonder what happened to Pokemon Sleep? 

Meanwhile, since launching in November, Pokemon Sword and Shield has shifted over 17 million copies. The Galar region catch 'em all adventure was the Nintendo Switch's fastest-selling title at the time, only being surpassed by Animal Crossing: New Horizons earlier this year. 

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