Mario Kart Tour is getting a landscape mode in its next update

The control layout is different

Mario Kart Tour is getting a landscape mode in its next update

Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour will receive a new landscape mode in its next update.

Announced via Twitter (below), players of the mobile racer will be treated to a new way to play. The landscape mode features a different control layout; as such, it offers users a different approach to race around the track.

For now, players need to play the game in its standard portrait mode. However, given the fact it is a racer, the landscape mode could prove to be a popular choice amongst users.

Around the track

Earlier this year, Nintendo brought a multiplayer mode to its mobile racer. A worldwide feature, most territories had access to the new game mode in early March. It was a much-welcomed addition to the game, given multiplayer is a core component of the Mario Kart series, and has been since its inception.

The Italian plumber and co sped their way to the top of the mobile downloads for Nintendo in 2019, while Fire Emblem Heroes followed it. However, last December, the number of installs for Mario Kart Tour did begin to slow down. On the flip side, revenue numbers showed that game still had promise.

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