Nintendo's mobile earnings hit $474 million for its last fiscal year

Mobile is a "target area" for the company moving forward

Nintendo's mobile earnings hit $474 million for its last fiscal year

Nintendo's mobile division grew 11.5 per cent year-on-year as it generated $474 million in the last fiscal year.

As revealed in the company's annual report, both Mario Kart Tour and Dr Mario World, which were released during the period, contributed to the growth in mobile revenue.

However, Mario Kart Tour proved to be the most successful of Nintendo's more recent games for the platform. As of December 2019, the mobile racer had brought in around $67 million. Overall, as of January 2020, Nintendo's complete mobile portfolio has generated $1 billion in revenue.

Mobile is key

The Japanese firm has also claimed that its mobile division is a key "target area." It was reported last month that Nintendo would slow down its mobile output. However, earlier this month, president Shuntaro Furukawa explained that while the sector is not a massive earner for the company, it does expose its IPs to a broader audience.

"We aim for expanding the scope of our business by creating opportunities for consumers to encounter Nintendo IP through smart devices, which have built an extensive installed base worldwide," said Nintendo.

"In addition to the above, for the IP expansion business, we will increase the use of Nintendo characters in different areas through collaborations with our corporate partners, including theme park projects, film, and merchandising. By doing so, we intend to increase opportunities for consumers to see Nintendo IP in their everyday lives and enhance the value of Nintendo IP, the source of our competitive strength."

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