Apple Korea is providing $84 million in support programmes for small businesses

$33.6 million will aid South Korean manufacturers

Apple Korea is providing $84 million in support programmes for small businesses

Apple's South Korea arm will provide 100 billion won ($84 million) in support programmes for small businesses in an attempt to rebuild trust.

As reported by Reuters, Apple Korea faced investigation due to a poor display of power as it railroaded mobile firms into paying for advertising and warranty repairs. As a result, the tech giant will now attempt to repair the damage.

Specifically, the company has promised $33.6 million to aid South Korean manufacturers through a new centre dedicated to research and development, and a further $21 million to provide education to developers. Furthermore, another $21 million has been pledged to warranty repair discounts for consumers.

Apple woes

The American tech giant has faced several issues this year, including a $1.4 billion lawsuit over an alleged patent infringement. Back in May, both Apple and Google found themselves on the receiving end of court documents from French publisher Ubisoft, after both firms allowed a Rainbow Six Siege clone on their respective storefronts.

Meanwhile, its most recent trouble comes in the form of Epic Games as the firms have entered an animosity-filled legal battle surrounding Fortnite. However, there has been some good news for the iOS creator as it became the first US-based company to be worth $2 trillion.

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