Microsoft is launching xCloud in Japan in 2021

"In Japan, we're seeing the community embrace this freedom to play"

Microsoft is launching xCloud in Japan in 2021

Microsoft will bring its cloud gaming service xCloud to Japan in 2021.

As revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, via VGC, the service will become available in Japan within the first six months of next year, as Microsoft aims to better cater to its Asian player base.

"If you've been an Xbox player in the years past, the power and convenience of console will continue to be important to you and supported by the upcoming Xbox Series X, but we understand that players embrace the freedom of choice and have different ways that they want to play," said Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

"We're working to create an ecosystem where you choose what you want to play, where you want to play, and on the device you choose."

Growing market

Since April, Microsoft has seen a visible increase in its number of users in Japan, a clear indicator that Xbox and its associated devices are well received in the market. Therefore, adding its cloud gaming platform will only further cement its growth.

"In Japan, we're seeing the community embrace this freedom to play," said Spencer.

"Since we launched Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC in Japan this past April, we've seen more players on Xbox devices, games and services than in any time in our history in the market.

"Japan's Xbox Live gaming MAU grew 82 per cent year-over-year this summer. We're so humbled to see players enjoying our games and services."

Back in August, Microsoft confirmed that Project xCloud would become part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving subscribers access to over 100 games on their mobile devices. The service has entered beta in 22 markets and joined Game Pass on September 15th.

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