Bidstack launches Approved Partner Network

In partnership with GIMA Esports and Httpool

Bidstack launches Approved Partner Network

In-game ads platform Bidstack has teamed with Httpool and GIMA Esports to launch its new Approved Partner Network.

The initiative has been designed to offer aid in three key areas. Firstly, it will help media professionals to improve their strategy, particularly around games and esports.

Secondly, it will help to form important partnerships with established vendors in key markets. Finally, the Approved Partner Network will offer data to provide insight into how brands are currently approaching advertisement.

"Shifts in media consumption globally are making it harder for advertisers to reach their audiences and there has been a significant industry-wide discussion about how these changes could be here to stay," said Bidstack global demand partnerships director Yasin Dabhelia.

Bidstack's holistic approach to gaming, combined with the local expertise of our partners creates a powerful entry point for brands that want to access this desirable, growing and influential audience. I'm really excited about working with our launch partners, Httpool and GIMA, and look forward to building long-lasting relationships with them."

Crucial partners

Httpool was selected as a launch partner due to its work with global media partners and brands. Moreover, the company will become Bidstack's exclusive commercial partner in India.

"Marketers today are increasingly focussing on gaming and esports as a marketing channel. This has become even more obvious during lockdowns," said Httpool India managing partner Amit Gupta.

"And so, partnering with Bidstack has come at the right time. It creates an opportunity for us to actively participate in the discussion around how to activate the gaming space in the most authentic way and figure out the best ways to talk to gamers."

Meanwhile, as a launch partner, GIMA Esports can offer its expertise on partnerships, digital media and influencer marketing. Currently, the company has several strong partnerships, including those with Twitch, Riot Games and Hyper X.

"Accessing the games market through in-game assets is a powerful opportunity for brands to become more immersive and interactive with their communication," said GIMA Esports' Jassem Osseiran.

"The GIMA team is excited to partner with Bidstack to provide in-game advertising solutions to the US and MENA markets, understanding that these are the types of solutions brands need to better capture audiences through interactive virtual environments."

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