Korea’s best 24-hour gaming business event PlayX4 2021 runs 10-14 May

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Korea’s best 24-hour gaming business event PlayX4 2021 runs 10-14 May

PlayX4 B2B - a global game show hosted by Gyeonggi-do - has matured into one of Korea’s leading game shows, alongside G-Star, since its inaugural showcase back in 2009.

In 2019 (there wasn't a show in 2020), 296 game-related corporations from 22 countries around the world participated in the PlayX4 B2B show, and took part in 1,388 business meetings.

Celebrating its 12th annual event, the 2021 PlayX4 has garnered significant interest from all over the world with 119 developers and 171 publishers from 30 countries already registered and waiting for show to get under way on 10 May.

PlayX4’s presentations and B2B meetings will be held through online video conferences due to Covid-19’s travel limitation.

Business matching will be available 24 hours a day to overcome the time differences.

The organisers are confident and believe that they can and will provide a variety of new content. 2021’s PlayX4 will showcase more games and content than 2019.

Elevated interest from overseas publishers, leading to better anticipated results

Let’s look at the list of corporations already registered for the 2021 PlayX4 Online B2B. of the more 180 overseas publishers (30 countries) registered.

Over 130 publishers are from Asia, followed by over 25 from Europe, over 20 from North/South America, and six from the Middle East.

Notable “big buyers” joining this year’s PlayX4 Online B2B from Asia include

  • Neowiz (Korea),
  • iQIYI (China),
  • Ohayoo (China), and
  • Alibaba Games (China),
  • Ourpalm (China),
  • Anhuinezha (China),
  • Century Game (China),
  • Shengqu Games (China),
  • Yostar (China),
  • LEYO games (China), and
  • VTC Online (Vietnam).

From North America, Kong Studios (USA), renowned for its work on Guardian Tales, and Nicalis (USA), a powerhouse indie game publisher on top of Korean indie game developers’ list of publishers they most want to meet, will participate in the 2021 PlayX4 Online B2B.

Meanwhile, SEGA (Japan), a large corporation famous for its home console games, and Microsoft’s Xbox Business Development Team will participate in an effort to seek out new suppliers for their next-generation console games.

Korea’s leading game investment publishers, Smilegate Investments Co., Ltd. and Smilegate Megaport will both attend this year’s PlayX4 Online B2B, and KB Investment Co., Ltd. is lining up to actively invest in some of the more head-turning games at the show.

Qualitative growth driven by a diversified range of game entries

As for developers, 119 companies have registered for the show and are now arranging meetings with publishers, both in Korea and abroad.

The number of registered games, sorted by platform, show a high concentration in Mobile (96) games, followed by PC (44), Online (48), Console (27), AR/VR (11), and Arcade games.

A deeper dive into the Mobile (96) platform shows a diverse distribution of genres, including RPG, action, casual, roguelike, shoot ‘em up, puzzle, sports, and rhythm action.

As for PC, On-line, Console, and VR/AR games, a significant number of games have already been registered for Steam Early Access, allowing overseas publishers to play and judge the game of their choosing directly.

In particular, in the AR/VR games category, crossover games such as simulators linked to arcades are expected to attract a lot more attention in the post-COVID-19 world.

High satisfaction with “24h Biz-on services”

The “Gyeonggi Content Agency,” which is hosting the 2021 PlayX4 B2B, is offering “24h Biz-on” services that provide 24-hours support, including excellent interpretation services, to help overseas publishers and developers produce tangible results during all five days of the show.

Analysis of the current meeting schedule between overseas publishers and developers is showing a high degree of expectation for the Biz-on services from show participants given the fact that a large number of meetings are set up during the working hours of overseas publishers.

New challenges for the future

The 2021 PlayX4 B2B show aims to present a new alternative to the global game industry. In particular, all participation fees for this event will be waived to support companies looking to take on new challenges for the future despite the difficult conditions brought on by COVID-19.

Just by participating in this year’s show, which will be held for the second time in Asia and the first in Korea in 2021, will bring companies closer to the opportunity to grow into a bona fide global gaming corporation.
We hope to meet the leaders of the global gaming industry at the 2021 PlayX4 On-line B2B show.

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