Google Play Store tweaks payment terms in South Korea

Follows a new law passed in August

Google Play Store tweaks payment terms in South Korea

Google has announced that its 15% service fee is going to be reduced to 11% if developers are using a third-party payment methods in order to reflect the external billing costs in South Korea.

The Telecommunications Business Act was passed by South Korea’s parliament this August with an aim to stop companies like Apple and Google from making developers use their payment systems.

Enabling third-party app payment options is new in itself from Google in South Korea.

Google has warned that these options might not have the same level of protection offered by the Play Store.

"We were able to confirm Google's determination to comply with the law,” commented Korea Communications Corporation Chairman, Han Sang-hyuk.

Apple has not yet announced accommodations to this law change.

"We respect the decision of the National Assembly, and we are sharing some changes to respond to this new law, including giving developers that sell in-app digital goods and services the option to add an alternative in-app billing system … for their users in South Korea,” a Google blog post states.

In said post, Google acknowledged that the cost of implementing the change from 15% to 11% would fall on developers.

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