Yield Guild Games raises $250,000 for typhoon victims

Primarily raised in cryptocurrency, including Axie Infinity's AXS

Yield Guild Games raises $250,000 for typhoon victims

Filipino play-to-earn gaming guild, Yield Guild Games, has raised more than ₱12.5 million ($250,500) to donate to victims of the recent Typhoon Odette in the Philippines.

Within the first hour of the fundraiser beginning on December 17th around ₱3 million ($60,000) was raised. Yield Guild Games country manager Luis Buenaventura reported that by Saturday evening, ₱10 million ($200,000) had been raised.

Cryptocurrencies have been the primary form of donation, with currencies including Ethereum, USD coin and Axie Infinity’s SLP and AXS, . The donations have been allocated towards multiple relief efforts, including medication.

Disaster relief

Axie Infinity has been a big success since its launch in 2018 and has seen a lot of growth throughout 2021; more than $2 billion of its NFTs have been traded.

Players are rewarded with its SLP cryptocurrency for playing - one of the currencies now being raised for the typhoon victims.

Yield Guild Games was recently involved in a funding round led by Bitkraft Ventures that raised $1.8 million for Cyball’s NFT-based play-to-earn football game.

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