Playlinks launches Kitty Golf on Facebook Instant Games

Latest game from the South Korean developer to join the platform

Playlinks launches Kitty Golf on Facebook Instant Games

South Korean developer Playlinks has launched its casual title, Kitty Golf, on Facebook Instant Games.

The latest release from Playlinks, the developer behind Slot Mate and Electric Slots, is a casual golfing game designed to have realistic physics and smooth "drag-and-drop" controls. One example of the physics system is when balls land in bunkers: there is then a reduced carry distance.

Kitty Golf features more than 50 stages and gameplay follows the rules of real golf, with tournaments and real-time rankings across users and friends from SNS.

"Playlinks produces casual games available in various digital devices, and our casual golf game Kitty Golf will provide unique and fun experience by giving room for unconstrained, creative play in every stage," said Playlinks CEO Lim Sang-beom.

Playlinks maintains over 600,000 DAUs, with its earlier mentioned titles, Slot Mate and Electric Slots, successively topping sales across the casino genre on Facebook Instant games.

Similarily, Outplay Entertainment announced earlier this month that it is returning to Facebook Instant Games, starting with Solitaire Together, after observing a "potential to reconnect" with users.

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