Google Play Pass launches in India with more than 1,000 titles

Requiring Android 4.4 or above to run

Google Play Pass launches in India with more than 1,000 titles

Google has launched it Play Pass India for Android devices with both monthly and yearly subscription options.

The service was first made available to US consumers in September 2019 and later launched in other Western regions during the summer of 2020. Now it has been made available in India, too.

Rather than buying games individually, the Play Pass subscription service allows games to be downloaded without extra costs. In India, more than 1,000 titles are being made available within Play Pass across 41 game categories.

At launch, 15 titles will come from Indian developers - such as Jungle Adventures and World Cricket Battle 2 - and with the subscription now available for consumers, Indian developers will be able to utilise a new avenue for expanding their revenue streams.

Over 1,000 games

Play Pass runs on devices that are at least on Android 4.4 and with the Google Play app at Version 16.6.25.

Subscriptions can be shared between a maximum of six people, and Google is offering Indian users a free trial for their first month with the service. The subscription costs INR 99 ($1.31) per month thereafter, or alternatively, an annual subscription can be purchased for INR 889 ($11.79).

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