Truz characters join Play Together metaverse in IP collaboration

Aiming towards a Millennial and Gen Z audience

Truz characters join Play Together metaverse in IP collaboration

Game developer Haegin has added a new theme using the characters from Truz, via a partnership with Line Friends and boy band Treasure, along with new items for the virtual store within Play Together.

A casual social network game on mobile, Play Together is aiming to grow globally with its metaverse. It is particularly gearing towards Millennials and Gen Z in terms of its available digital merchandise and attractions.

New additions

The Truz characters added in the latest Play Together update include Brown, Cony, Sally, BT21, Chilli and Podong, and costumes based around the theme of "school uniforms" have been made available to purchase.

There are new shoes and bags too, in addition to an in-game e-scooter, all of which have been designed especially for the Truz characters.

Further additions to the game include a virtual photo zone and a concert hall, with more digital content promised at a later date through the IP collaboration.

Haegin recently partnered with the South Korean branch of US convenience store chain 7-Eleven to bring the store to the metaverse.

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