How Synative’s streaming tech aims to fix mobile’s UA challenges through playables

How short game trials can grab new users

How Synative’s streaming tech aims to fix mobile’s UA challenges through playables

Games discoverability is one of the biggest challenges for both mobile developers and platform holders to overcome.

In’s Mobile Games Trends Survey Autumn 2017, competition from the large volume of game releases on mobile was cited as the biggest concern amongst creators, ahead of rising user acquisition and marketing costs - all compounding the discoverability problem.

To overcome these issues, developers and publishers are increasingly seeking more creative ways to get noticed and generate downloads.

Playable ads

One company, playable video technology firm Synative, claims to have what it hopes will form at least part of the answer to these problems.

The firm operates a cloud-based gaming trial service that allows players to play any level of any game anywhere they want, without the need to download it.

Through its tools, developers can design and create game trials and playable ads that can then be shared across all devices including iOS, Android and even PC.

The tech works through playable shortlinks, which can be obtained when developers upload the APK files to Synative. Users who interact with these game trials can then share with each other across social networks like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram.

This, according to Synative, helps developers and publishers acquire high quality organic users through player recommendations, thus cutting user acquisition costs.

Track player behaviour

Synative saves all data it generates in the cloud, which means developers can easily trace conversion data and get an in-depth understanding of player behaviour. The company also provides heatmaps to drill into exactly how users are playing a game and which parts of the title they are interacting with most.

Synative's heatmaps let you know how users are playing your games

Based on this data, developers can then quickly test new versions of their games in a secure environment, collect user data and potentially use that information to even improve the game itself.

Advertisers meanwhile can also evaluate impressions, clicks, downloads and average playing time across channels.

Synative’s playable streaming engine requires no SDK or special integration, and can be fitted into any mobile game.

The company claims that through this playable ads service, the conversion rate for titles is twice as high as rewarded videos, helping advertisers lower costs, increase UA efficiency and ultimately improve revenue.

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