Bassam AlRomaithy of Nine66 on why he loves working in the gaming industry

Before taking part in Pocket Gamer Connects in Jordan next week, Bassam talks to us about the Arabic gaming market and learning from his mistakes

Bassam AlRomaithy of Nine66 on why he loves working in the gaming industry

Our global networking series Pocket Gamer Connects fast approaches, with not long left now to grab your tickets to join us in beautiful Jordan! Ahead of the event, we are taking the time to introduce you to some of the speakers who will be appearing over the two days.

Bassam AlRomaithy works in Product Management for Nine66.

"I've always loved playing a good game and thought, why not have great Arabic games? when I first started my career my thought was always - we can have great games and services. Not only that, but we can create great games and services. And this is what has been pushing me from the start with Gate2Play (Now HyperPay) as we worked with global gaming companies to bring their games into the Arabic world.
Later on I joined Play 3arabi as a product manager, and had the chance of working with Arabic developers on creating games for the Arabic world! Now, I'm working on creating games for people all over the world!"

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Please give us a summary of what you’re speaking about and why it’s important.

I will be participating in multiple panels, GameDev Stories and Marvellous MENA. I have always believed it is best to learn from other people's mistakes! Well, now it is other people's chance to learn from my mistakes! What really counts though from all of my experience, is data and logical arguments, and I will do my best to showcase both.

What’s the most common mistake you see being made in the games sector?

Loss of focus. You should concentrate on the challenge ahead of you, rather than figuring out what to do 10 steps later on, that won't matter if you can't make the next step.

If you could give other mobile games companies one piece of advice, what would it be?

Love the game that you are working on, but don't get too attached. When making decisions about game design and game management, you must be pragmatic about it.

What’s the most important key performance indicator (KPI) for you - and why?

Retention, it tells you if people like what you do or not.

What game has been on your phone the longest?

Alto's Adventure.

What is the most overhyped trend from the last 12 months - and why?

NFTs. Whatever buzzword we use, whatever new thing we come up with must have a real life use, and that use shouldn't be a quick money grab

What role do NFTs play in the future of games?

The challenge of NFTs is for NFTs to find their real use. Ownership is important, but it should feel unique owning something no one else does, I don't think we have figured out how to use NFTs yet.

Is hypercasual gaming here to stay?

Yes, hypercasual as all other game types are evolving, but people like a quick mindless fun trip, and that is what hypercasual [games] excel at.

What do you enjoy most about working in the mobile games industry?

Meeting passionate people! The energy in this industry is contagious.

What was the fundamental appeal of the mobile games industry that brought you to it?

The reach! It is accessible and you are making games for millions.

What sessions/speakers (apart from your own) are you planning to attend?

Trends in AI for UA in Mobile Games, Impact of the Coming Recession on Mobile Game Publishing & UA – Old Game, New Rules, Distribution & Monetisation: Connecting With Players Beyond the Stores’ Boundaries, Superstar Fireside Chat: Culture, Profitability & Flipping Coins, Navigating the Dangers of Hypercasual Game Design, IAP Pricing Strategy in an Inflationary World.

Can people get in touch with you at the event? What sort of people would you like to connect with?

Yes, please come and say hi! Anyone who is in the gaming industry or wants to join the industry, I'd love to talk to you. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.