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Which unlikely country was the first to see Boom Beach hit #1 Top Grossing?

The global game

Which unlikely country was the first to see Boom Beach hit #1 Top Grossing?

Music writers sometimes talk about the 'difficult second album', but for Supercell would it be a case of the tricky third game? 

Following the massive success of Clash of Clans  and Hay Day  - both released in 2012 - 2014 was the time for it to make another play in the mobile market, a play that goes by the name of Boom Beach.

For better or worse, Supercell's latest F2P strategy title has already been likened to its money-making predecessors, with many viewing Boom Beach  as the spiritual sequel to Clash of Clans.

But how will it compare?

Firing broadside

From the start, Boom Beach  received huge backing from Apple on iTunes, where it's had 584 features across iPad and iPhone globally.

And that has been matched by its chart performance.

On the US top grossing chart for iPhone, Boom Beach's  performance has been steadily on the up.

Boom Beach's top grossing performance on iPhone in US - via App Annie

Upon launch the game fired itself into the top 50, easily climbing the charts and securing a place in the top 10. However, in a somewhat disappointing turn of events, it's not yet been able to claim the top spot, instead peaking at #5 before seeing its performance trail off ever so slightly.

It's a case of deja vu when it comes to Boom Beach's  performance on the US top grossing chart for iPad. Once again, the game had no trouble breaking into the top 50, strolling up the charts and finding a place amongst the big earners in the top 10.

Boom Beach's top grossing performance on iPad in the US

Much like its iPhone counterpart, though, the game, which peaked at #6, couldn't grab the #1 spot: a fact that will surely irk the folks over at Supercell.

More cash into the UA sausage machine, please....

Old empire

Looking at the game's European performance, Boom Beach  has quickly also become a big player, delivering encouraging performances on all fronts.

On the EU5 top grossing chart for iPhone - which looks at France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK - Boom Beach  has established itself as a top 10 game in all 5 countries.

Boom Beach's top grossing performance in EU5 on iPhone

Unfortunately for Supercell, the one trait it has carried over from the US is its inability to climb to the top of the pile, with the game peaking at #3 in both Germany and Spain.

Boom Beach's top grossing performance in EU5 on iPad

Similarly for iPad, the game breezed into the top 10 within days of its launch, and almost made the #1 spot in Germany - just missing out by one position.

Shooting East

Things have been tougher in Asian markets, though.

The game hasn't made the top 50 top grossing for iPhone in Japan, but Boom Beach  has impressed in China and South Korea, breaking into the top 10 and top 20 respectively, peaking at #7 and #12.

Boom Beach's top grossing performance on iPhone in China and Korea

And Boom Beach's  performance in Asia on the iPad top grossing charts makes for better reading.

Boom Beach's top grossing performance on iPad in Korea, China and Japan

The game managed to break into the top 50 in all 3 countries, peaking at #18 in Japan, while in South Korea and China it broke into the top 10 without hesitation, peaking at #3 in Korea, and #1 in China: finally claiming that coveted top spot in what is perhaps the unlikeliest country of all.

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jon jordan
Given Supercell's previous hook up with - and success boosted by - Puzzle & Dragons, I'd expect they haven't launched the full-on campaign yet.
Stepan Gershuni
Relatively poor performance in Japan -- is it just the game itself or some mistake during pre-launch and marketing activities?