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How Ace Fishing cast its net wide and found global succcess

30 million downloads later

How Ace Fishing cast its net wide and found global succcess

Korean publisher Com2uS saw its annual sales rise 188 percent to $216 million in 2014.

In the main, this was due to the performance of two very different games - RPG Summoner's War and fishing sim Ace Fishing - Wild Catch.

We've already taken a look at the performance of Summoner's War in a previous Charticle, so now it's time to consider Ace Fishing.

In the 12 months since its launch, the game has accumulated over 30 million downloads.

These have been well distributed around the world and across the Apple App Store and Google Play, as the following graphs demonstrate.

The one that got away

That stated, however, the US market hasn't been the most productive pool of revenue for Com2uS.

On iPhone - which performed much better than iPad - the game peaked early at #50 on the US iPhone top grossing chart, falling away quickly, although occasionally peaking within the top 250.

On Google Play, the situation has been similar: an early peak within the top 50 has declined to bottom out within the top 150.

In the US, both on Google Play and the App Store, Ace Fishing launched hard and then declined

European trawlers

As is often the case, the game's performance in the UK mirrors that of the US.

On iPhone, the game launched well in the UK and during the past 12 months has even experienced peaks within the iPhone top grossing top 50, but it's not found a consistent position.

Ace Fishing's performance on the UK iPhone chart has been volatile

Similarly, on the UK Google Play top grossing chart, Ace Fishing underperforms compared to the two other big European markets France and Germany.

France and Germany have been strong markets for Ace Fishing on Google Play

Interestingly the game's performance almost exactly the same in these two countries, where it launched more strongly than in the UK and maintained a position within the top 50 for most of 2014, even now remaining within the top 100.

The situation on the iPhone top grossing chart isn't quite so impressive. Ace Fishing does better in Germany, where it maintained a top 100 position during 2014, but is now showing an increasing amount of chart position volatility.

Ace Fishing had a good 2014 on the German iPhone top grossing chart

In France, Ace Fishing kept a higher top grossing position until October 2014, although its decline has been somewhat reversed in recent months.

In France, recent months have seen a slight rebound for Ace Fishing in France

Home advantage

Of course, as a South Korean company, Com2uS is well aware of the power of its domestic market, which is heavily dominated by Android devices.

On Google Play, Ace Fishing has performed best of all the big mobile game markets, remaining in the top 100 top grossing charts for the vast majority of the past 12 months.

Ace Fishing's best performing big market is Korea

Indeed, it's recently surged to its highest position ever, and is now well within the top 50.

Fishing in the South China Sea

In other Asian territories the picture is more mixed.

For example, Ace Fishing has been a total flop in Japan - both on iPhone and Android.

Ace Fishing caught nothing in Japan

In China, however, the game has performed fairly well on iPhone, launching within the top 20, although declining steadily to sit within the top 150.

Ace Fishing has performed solidly in China on iPhone

Instead, it's in the emerging south east Asian countries where Ace Fishing has found strong support.

All of these are Android-dominated territories, of course.

On Google Play in Hong Kong (a reflection of Chinese appeal) and Malaysia, Ace Fishing has been a massive hit, remaining in the top 20 top grossing for most of the past 12 months.

(NB: Not the change of graph scale from 250 to 100.)

Hong Kong and Malaysia have been strong markets for Ace Fishing

In Indonesia - a much larger market in terms of population - Ace Fishing has been a top 60 top grossing game for the past 12 months, while in Vietnam, it's been a top 100 top grossing game.

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